Cases We’ve Won

Confidential Settlement on a Personal Injury Case – $912,000

Our office represented a woman who was involved in an accident and multiple surgeries. Injuries were sustained to her back and knee. She was able to recover over $900K in her confidential settlement with the defendant.

Car Accident – $520,000

Our client was involved in a bad automobile crash that led to expensive medical bills and time away from work. They were not at fault for the accident. We ended up recovering over $500K from both the person who caused the accident as well as the insurance company that was involved.

Homeowners Insurance Personal Injury Case – $200,000

Our client was working on the defendant’s roof. While performing his job duties, he started to feel strong pains in his back. He eventually confirmed that he had sustained a serious back injury. Our client blamed the homeowner for it. The defendant, on the other hand, stated the accident was not his fault and took no responsibility.

This was a word versus word case. There were no independent witnesses or impartial camera footage to prove one side or the other. Still, we decided to represent the injured worker.

Despite the difficulty of the case, we were able to obtain the full settlement corresponding to the case ($200,000.00) and it was not necessary to file it in court.

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