Recent Case Results


Employment Law Case – Confidential Settlement


Shoulder Injury Case – Confidential Settlement


Workers Compensation Back Injury Case


Our office represented an injured worker that suffered a back injury. The insurance company did not want to pay full value for the case. After several years of fighting the insurance company, we were able to maximize the recovery for our client.

Personal Injury Case Against Homeowner


Our client was injured while working at the home of the Defendant. The Defendant denied being at fault for the injury. This was a word versus word case. Our client sustained a back injury. After intense negotiations, our office was able to successfully resolve our client’s case without having to file his case in court.

Workers Compensation Knee Injury Case


An injured security guard obtained the services of our office. He fell while working. He suffered an injury to his knee. Our office resolved his case via Compromise & Release settlement for full value.

Knee Injury Case – Confidential Settlement


Personal Injury Roll Over Accident


We represented a client that was T-boned at an intersection. His vehicle rolled over. Luckily, the client avoided serious injury. He sustained a 2 mm disc bulge in his low back from the accident. His medical bills were $50,000. The insurance company offered $20,000 to settle his case.
Our office filed his case in court. Our Personal Injury Lawyer took the deposition of the Defense Medical Expert. Shortly after the deposition, we resolved our client’s case. Aside from recovering money for all his medical bills, we obtained $100,000 for Pain and Suffering damages for our client.

Workers Compensation Back Injury Case


A restaurant employee retained the services of our office after she was injured on the job. She sustained a back injury while she was carrying an object at work. The insurance company denied liability. After intense negotiations, our office obtained a full value settlement for our client.

Workers Compensation Neck Injury


Our client was injured at work because of a continuous trauma to her neck. Her prior attorney partially resolved her case for $30,000. Her prior attorney stated he could no longer help her. He dropped her case. She contacted our office for representation. Within a few months, we resolved our client’s case for full value.

Additional Payment For Case That Already Settled


Our client worked as a maintenance operator for a number of years. He had previous knee injury, which required surgery to both knees. He received a small settlement with another lawyer. Later, he injured his back and sought representation from our office. His back didn’t require surgery. We were able to obtain a $115,000.00 maximum compensation for our client.

Knee Injury Case Against Home Improvement Store


Client was injured when she fell at work. Also her physical demand from her job aggravated her injury. At the client’s deposition, the defense tried to convince us we didn’t have much of a case. We kept fighting. Thankfully we obtained maximum payout to the client for $100,000.00.

Knee and Back Injury


Client had an injury to his knee. He received surgery for his knee which was paid by the workers compensation insurance. Client didn’t want any further surgery to his knee. The Applicant also sustained an injury to his back. His doctors said he didn’t need surgery for the back. Our office settled his case for maximum value before trial.

Low Impact Car Accident With Pre-existing Injury


Our client has a pre-existing condition known as cervical dystonia.
Our client was treating for her dystonia prior to the accident. There is no cure for dystonia. While she was stopped at a light, a car reversed into her at 2 MPH.
The insurance company denied liability for her injury because of her pre-existing condition and the low impact. After intense litigation, our office was able to maximize her recovery.