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Working with individuals in the Los Angeles areas means we are approached by people who are looking into whether they need an injury attorney. We will work with you to understand what your needs may be and how best to approach creating a suit for you. However, we thought reviewing a few helpful tips might be beneficial. For those of you that work in jobs that involve repetitive motions work injuries are a potential hazard but with awareness and preventative steps, you are better prepared to avoid a situation that could cause them. So, before you need to start looking for an injury lawyer, let’s go over how work injuries occur.

work injury

One of the most common occupational health issues that cause thousands of workers compensation filings every year is repetitive work injuries. These injuries can cost employers billions in workers comp payouts. To avoid being the next person filling out a workers compensation claim it’s best to understand how these repetitive work activities cause harmful problems. People in all different sectors are susceptible to work injuries, be it janitorial positions, data entry, welding, office work or equipment assembly. All of these jobs require repetitive motion. Even ones you might think of as harmless like banking, cashiering and working as a fashion designer sewing clothes. Having a better understanding of how to prevent these injuries is a great form of self-awareness and care.

When working in these different industries you can encounter a lot of stressful situations that wreak havoc on your soft tissue, muscles, and tendons by overusing them. These repetitive motions can cause symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and loss of strength. Something as simple as the way you sit or the way that you type at your desk can be a factor in causing your body harm. Thankfully with corrective measures and making changes in your daily routine you can have a huge positive influence. If you sit all day at work look into getting a desk cycle to cycle while working. It will keep your legs moving and your blood flowing. If you are constantly stooping take time to relax and have the correct posture so that your spine doesn’t become harmed.

You should also make changes so that you aren’t causing awkward reaching and shifting. Consider taking a walk around lunchtime to get yourself moving if you work a stationary job. If you’re the type of person who works a job where you are frequently lifting, do so with your legs and not your back. There are plenty of measures to take depending on your industry which can keep you from acquiring a repetitive work-related injury. Being conscious of your bad posture and other negative habits can go a long way in changing them. If you, however, are currently injured due to an incident at work and looking for representation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling our office (818) 501-7400 or emailing. We can help you decide your best course of action.